Club House Information

Tristan Towers Homeowners Association, Inc.
Clubhouse Reservation Agreement

  • I agree that I shall be personally responsible to Tristan Towers Homeowners Association, Inc. and to all the unit owners, individually, for any damages resulting from the use of the clubhouse and common areas by me or my guests. By execution of this agreement, I am personally liable to Tristan Towers Homeowners Association, Inc. and to the unit owners, individually, for any damages to Association or unit owner property or person from the use of the clubhouse and the common areas by me or guests. No reservation shall be effective until this document is executed by the authorized unit owner with deposit of $200.00 provided to the property manager.
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    Use of Clubhouse facilities shall be restricted to use by owners. No owner may assign to a tenant the right to rent the clubhouse without first providing written assignment for full liability. All functions must be reserved through and cleared by management and scheduled in the Association Calendar of Events. A deposit fee of $200.00 must be filed with management upon making the reservation. The fee will be refunded in full provided no damage, repair or additional clean up is required. No fee will be refunded in the event that the clubhouse is rented but not used.

    Owners/Tenants reserving the Clubhouse for any function will be responsible for clean up and securing the premises. All trash and garbage is to be placed in the dumpster and not left in the trashcans at the pool or Clubhouse doors. Garbage is not to remain out of the dumpsters overnight. Floors must be swept, tables and chairs returned to storage and sink and refrigerator are to be left clean.

    Guests will be permitted to use the facilities only while an owner/tenant is present at the function.

    No one under the age of 18 will not be allowed to use the Clubhouse unless accompanied and supervised by an adult. Violation of this rule will be cause for the unit owner to be suspended from future use of the Clubhouse facilities.

    No pets are allowed in the Clubhouse, pool area or pool at any time. No fog machines or other devices that may trip the smoke detectors are allowed.

    No musical instruments, bands, radios, stereos or televisions may be played loudly enough to disturb other units after 10:00 PM.

    Events such a promotions, solicitations, sales presentations or commercial activities require prior Board of Director’s approval.

    Owners/tenants may sponsor parties for church, social, fraternal and company groups, subject to the following restrictions: 1. Owner/tenant must be present during the entire event 2. Owner/tenant will be responsible for deposit fee. Association checks will not be accepted for deposit 3. No functions charging an admission fee will be allowed. Free offerings of drink and food are acceptable 4. No rice, birdseed, confetti, etc. will be thrown at weddings or parties 5. No streamers may be attached to the ceiling fans

    Use of the Clubhouse facilities does not include exclusive rights to the pool area or the boardwalk.

    Keys to the facility are for owner’s/tenant’s control only and are not to be given or loaned to anyone. The keys may be obtained from the Property Manager the day before the function if the clubhouse is not in use that evening or on Friday for a Saturday or Sunday function. The key must be returned to maintenance the day after the event unless alternate arrangements are made.

    The Tristan Towers entry gate is to be kept secured. A representative from the event should be stationed at the gate to allow guest entry. Under no circumstances is the entry gate to be propped open or left unattended in an “open” position (this will damage the electronic gate mechanism). For security reasons, the entry code must not be given to guests attending the event.

    By submitting this form, you agree to the rules and regulations.


June 2014